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Cubicles Office Cube Furniture

cubicles office cube furniture

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cubicles office cube furniture - Fellowes Partition

Fellowes Partition Additions Coat Hook and Clip (7501101)

Fellowes Partition Additions Coat Hook and Clip (7501101)

Fellowes brings stylized garment storage to cubicles with the Partition Additions Coat Hook & Clip system. This sleek unit features a hook that folds out to hold coats, umbrellas, or even easel pads, then folds back up when you don’t need it. Use the clip to securely grip smaller essentials such as hats, gloves, or notes. Durable cast-aluminum construction ensures lasting performance. Adjustable bracket fits standard cubicle walls (1.5 to 3.25 Inches). Hook capacity – 15 lbs; clip capacity – 50 sheets.

76% (17)

My cube!

My cube!

It took me a few weeks of angst - I had a 10 foot by 5 foot 7 inches rectangle with an open ceiling; I could build any environment I wanted to work in. I worked on plans for a pulley-based keyboard tray that would raise or lower to suit my standing or sitting work position. But then I was seized by the idea of having a sort of built-in couch in the back of my space, to host Merci or other guests.

The platform wasn't hard to build. Then I packed back in the other furniture I have - two chairs, a table, and two podiums. It's probably cluttered, but at least I have storage under the platform. Instead of cluttered, how about "intimate" - like a media monk cell.

Goodbye, Cubicle Land

Goodbye, Cubicle Land

I've had this view every day for the past two and a half years (well, more or less... I've had a few different cubes, and it's normally full of decorations and work stuff.)

Thursday, I finally said goodbye.

It was a great run, and I worked with a lot of great people, but us "creative types" get a little stiffled in such corporate surroundings...

I start my new job on Monday... it's way cooler. No more "corporate casual" wear... I get to wear jeans every day. I get to be downtown. And no more stinking cubicles!

This is going to be fun.

cubicles office cube furniture

cubicles office cube furniture

Foremost 327601 Modular Open Cube Storage System, White

This modular PVC laminate veneer white open cube is ideal for displaying books, pictures and collectibles. Overall size 15-inch W x 15-inch D x 15-inch H. Frame is made out of solid wood, each panel finished with PVC laminate. Sturdy and stackable for maximum durability. Holds up to 200 pounds per assembled unit. Hollow-core construction makes the cube weigh 50% less then traditional particle board. Packed pre-finished, easy assembly and installation. Unlimited combination options so you can create exactly the system you need.

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