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What Is My Antique Furniture Worth

what is my antique furniture worth

    antique furniture
  • Antiques furniture is the term for collectible interior furnishings of considerable age; often its age, rarity, condition, utility, or other unique features makes the furniture desirable.

    what is
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  • What Is is the eighth album by guitarist/vocalist Richie Kotzen.

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what is my antique furniture worth - Antique Lamp

Antique Lamp Buyer's Guide: Identifying Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Lighting

Antique Lamp Buyer's Guide: Identifying Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Lighting

Do you own an old lamp? Are you wondering what it is, how it was originally used, how you can make it better, or how much it is worth? If so, this book is written for you! Easy to read and complete with a newly revised price guide, this book answers many of the basic questions confronting lamp collectors, from "Where do I look for a manufacturer's signature?" to "How do I distinguish reproductions from originals?" Using a combination of color photographs and catalog illustrations, here is a wealth of information for anyone interested in buying or selling old lighting. Included also is a discussion of restoration issues like rewiring, practical uses for fixtures originally made for gas or oil, and restoring and protecting metal finishes.

89% (15)

Alenas Dream

Alenas Dream

... I found myself in grandpas house! He celebrated his 78.th birthday. You really can compare his place with an antiques shop! Such old furniture, beeing our families property since more then hundred ages! And so many oddities, he brought with him when he came back from a travel. I always found something new to play with when I was a child - every time another unknown "thing". The pendulum clock is ticking, a sound that made me feel comfortable. It's like a warm soft touch, surrounding me, whispering to me that everything is fine. I lean back in my armchair, holding my cards careful so that my opponent - (I don't know, is it Sam?) - can't cheat. Everything's fine, nothing can happen my inner voice tell me. I was young and I needed those words. That's why I remembered just the good times that passed by. Sam and me went to the park and buyed icecream. It was in Greece, we were on vacation and played hiding between all those ruins. They were very big, bigger than us, and they made quite a good hiding place. I was nine. I wasn't interested in the culture of those buildings as long as they made a good playground. I stare at my playing cards and remember those good times. I can't remember bad times in my childhood, times when I was sad. Only good remembers, family celebrations, friends meetings - by hearing the pendulum clock ticking I know that I had a happy childhood, sheltered by my family, the people that I love the most. I never could imagine something bad could happen. And then I grow up. I find myself on a meadow. Strange, where's Sam? I look to his chair and only can see his playing cards. Very bad cards, I could've won the game! Something's touching my leg. I look down and two baby deers, playing beside my feet. How innocent they are... am I still at gramps place? For making that sure I look back. His furniture is still there. So I am at a save place. I stand up and make some steps. Then I am stumbling over something. I look down and recognize those ruins I used to play with Sam - how strange, they are so small... Was I that small as well when I played hiding there? And why those ruins are in turn in ruins again? That's quite strange! I feel that something is approaching. Something good or bad? I perk up my ears for the pendulum clock... it goes tick, tack, tick, tack, tick - that calms me down. Where's Sam? A silhouette jells in front of me. It isn't Sam... I walk one step closer for a better view... it is Thomas. I am surprised. He smiles his warm, soft smile. I miss it. I wish i could see it again. "What are you doing at my granfathers place?" I am asking him. He doesn't respond, just standing motionless there, facing me deeply, still smiling. Slowly I am approaching to him. My inner voice warns me. Don't leave, it isn't save! Don't go, don't go! I don't know why I should listen - I am at my grandpas place and there's no danger... or is it?? In panic, I turn around - the pendulum clock still stands there... so do the chair where Sam and me were playing... a frame without a picture in it hangs somewhere in the air... I can catch some arts of gramps old gun - but the rest of the furniture is gone, the lamp, the wardrobe, the old bookshelve... I am getting anxious. Something's very very wrong. Something dangerous is happening. I need to warn those innocent deers. Poor little things, they don't know that they will die in a short time. I want to warn them, my inner voice tells me to warn them but I don't listen. I look at Thomas and I forget about everything. He hasn't moved. "Have you seen Samuel??", I am asking him, hoping I can hear his warm, deep voice. I often got a shiver when I heard him speaking. When he speaks, there can't be any danger. But he doesn't speaking! There are only a few steps until I reached him, and I continue to make my way to him. oh you stupid little thing I hear my head blustering. I don't care. but what about those deers? We need to warn them! In a moment. First I want to hear Thomas speaking. I stand in front of him. "Thomas", I'm whispering. Why doesn't he respond? There must be an explanation for this. He still looks at me, but his eyes are sad. What happened to him. I can feel his hands on my hips and a flash of passion is blasting in my body.Oh Thomas, what have you done with me? I close my eyes to feel his touch more intensively but suddenly it is gone. I open my eyes. Something is missing. I can't hear the pendulum clock anymore. I quickly turn around. No clock. No chairs. No playing cards. My grandfather died when I was fifteen. This is no longer a save place. I want to help those little deers, I need to save them from the unknown danger, but it is too late. I can't see them anymore. I am hoping that they have made it, that they suspected something. I turn around to face Thomas again but something is wrong. He still smiles, but it isn't that smile I know from him. Thats not the nice, fri



When the folks bought this in 1991, it was advised by the estate agents that it should be demolished and sold as a building plot. Built originally at the turn of the century as a holiday retreat by a captain in the British army, it was based on the Swiss Chalet style 'part brick and wood', hence it didn't fair well in the English winters and had never been treated for rot or woodworm.

You can imagine, nearly 90 years of neglect left a mammoth task to keep this building alive, the previous owners moved to Symonds Yat from Birmingham in the early 1960s and they lived out their final days here with the gentleman dieing in the garden and his wife suffering dementia. They were popular locally with the children (one of my best mates) as they would offer them glacier mints upon visits. They also hoarded everything Victorian, from building tools to antique furniture, I cannot express how much this property was filled, with endless boxes, drawers, cupboards full to the brim with odds and ends, it was 'museum-like'.

Because of it's immense character, my parents fell in love with it and decided to try and save the building, starting with the essentials like rotted floorboards in most rooms, and then progressing to rebuilding the veranda which had been cadged up with thin board in places, it really was that badly neglected. New wooden beams were spliced in, and the shiplap exterior was redone, not to mention the brick and Stone work re-pointed and rebuilt in parts. The kitchen was rebuilt and original stair case and fire places reopened, even after years of hard graft there was still loads of work to be carried out, but I think the fact even all this time later, there is still work being carried out, a property like this is hard work but IMO very much worth the effort.

Some of the unique interior included doors and stained glass windows used from an old chapel. Each room has a fireplace and the central heating system was an old 1930s design based on water heated from one fire/boiler, pretty useless in a place of this size (probably gone now). The removal firm who were paid to clear the building by the agency basically took the obvious stuff like 1930s grandfather clock with original receipt inside, the ornate Victorian piano, various antique furniture, but they left what they assumed to be, and mostly was, tonnes of Victorian junk. My parents are not the sort to complain so they finished the clearance themselves, and to our interest there were drawers of Victorian collectibles, such as button collections, gold plated fountain pens, coins, and all manner of collectible 'brick-a-break', from Victorian roller skates, to some of the earliest golf clubs, one of the first electric toasters, and a collections of hidden antique lawn mowers.. the list was endless, we even discovered a valuable vase wrapped in brown paper and hidden underneath the rotting floorboards?

Thankfully the building was saved for future generations, we are a large family and had some brilliant times living here, I hope it remains a lived in house and I am glad to see new work being carried out. It's an unusual place to live and even has it's own mooring rights on the river below, but a truly beautiful property and we were privileged to have experienced the many summer evenings and autumn moons with owl, deer, peregrine and fox nearby. There were some great local pubs and my own local was across the river, a free journey by hand drawn ferry still exists and it runs until, the pub closes and only stops in very high flood.

what is my antique furniture worth

what is my antique furniture worth

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